Advansta’s focus is developing solutions to precisely characterize molecular events that occur in cells. They provide products for every step of protein analysis by Western blotting, from sample preparation, electrophoresis, blotting, antibody hybridization to immunodetection.

Key Areas

  • Chemiluminescent western blotting
  • Fluorescent western blotting
  • Purification
  • Protein staining
  • Labeled antibodies and conjugates
  • Buffers & Solutions

Key Products

  • X-ray film
  • Background quenching sheets
  • Membranes
  • Incubation trays
  • WesternBright ChemiPen
  • Sample preparation kits
  • Protein staining kit
  • HRP conjugates
  • Fluorescent secondary antibodies
  • Kit for multi- color fluorescent Western Blotting
  • HRP substrates for chemiluminescent Western Blotting
  • Fluorescent streptavidin conjugates
  • Blocking & washing solutions
  • Sample loading buffers
  • Buffer pouches


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